A portrait film is a series of video clips filmed during a portrait session and edited together to create a short film/video. It is different from “fusion videos” because it consists mainly of video footage whereas a fusion video incorporates still photos, sometimes even consisting only of photographs.

My portrait films are in black & white for a classic look and timeless feel. I’ve found that it keeps the focus on expressions and connection instead of distractions from colors or clothing. However, the still images that are included in the session are a mix of color and black & white so that you have a wonderful variety of imagery that is both true to life and timeless.


A session with Little Ones by Laura is different than a typical portrait session with a photographer in that this session focuses on creating a portrait film and capturing still shots secondary. My films in particular are generally two minutes in length and set to instrumental only music.

The “set” at my natural light portrait studio mimics a cozy family bedroom setting, this way you can comfortably interact with your little one and the result is a laid back lifestyle portrait film.


Session Details & Investment

Your session comes with my time to film and photograph, creatively edit and produce a portrait film and a series of images. Video clips are filmed during the session to create a unique portrait film 1-2 minutes in length. You will receive your session gallery as digital files to download (generally 25+ images) which are high-resolution .jpg image files along with your .mov video file. Included is a custom designed 20-page album of your session images – a tangible memory to treasure.

$750 plus tax.

A $150 session retainer is paid upon booking an appointment to secure availability and will be applied as a credit toward your session. Please email me if you are ready to inquire about availability and reserving a session.

Retainers are non-refundable. Applicable sales tax is not included and will be added to the total. Due to the custom nature of this work all sales are non-refundable and non-negotiable. Prices are subject to change, your retainer payment locks in pricing.


We have become more visually driven then ever. With social media as a part of our daily lives and videos gaining rapid popularity, this is an evolution of a “home video”. It shares special moments and details in an artistic and unique way that you’ll want to relive throughout the years to come.

A portrait film is a video created from several clips that we film during your session. I edit them together with music to create a portrait film 1-2 minutes in length. Portrait films are in black and white so details, movement and emotions are the focus of this timeless video. The behavior of little ones is by their very nature, unexpected. The session will flow with what they want to do – smile, play, snuggle, and so forth.

We will progress through video clips and still photographs throughout our time together. During video clips I may mention to avoid talking, since the film is set to music, this is so that you are not mouthing words. It’s about snuggles, smiles and connection, you won’t hear your voice on the final film. I license songs to use for my portrait films and therefore cannot legally use songs that you may want to request that are protected by copyright law.

The relaxed nature of my style of filming results in lifestyle imagery. The goal of this session is to capture connection, whether that is between your little one and only the camera, or between you and your little one. The session will not always result in a typical posed family picture. I have found the connection between two individuals at a time to be the most compelling for video. If other family members want to be involved we will incorporate them within the alotted session time to feature those connections and then it will be edited together to create a cohesive portrait film. For examples, please view the blog for recent work and a variety of sessions which vary from just the little one, to interacting with parents, to incorporating siblings. The decision of who participates in the session will be discussed prior to, so that we can make sure your goals for the final imagery and portrait film are realized.

Normally, within two weeks of your session you will be sent links to your gallery of photographs as well as your portrait film which you may easily share. You will be given instructions on how to download the high resolution images and video files. It is your responsibility to back up and safely archive these files. Generally, a blog post is made with my favorite images and portrait film of your session that you are welcome to share with family and friends.

All major credit/debit cards are accepted as is cash/check. The retainer is paid to book your session appointment. At that point you can pay the balance at the same time, process balance payment at time of session or make payments to easily budget your session. Files are released when session is paid in full.

With your session any final digital files you are granted my “Permission to Print”, meaning I authorize you to use/reproduce those images for your personal use. It is understood that you would not alter or edit the images as that would effect the integrity of the work. Copyright is a form of protection provided by the laws of the United States (Title 17, US Code) to the creators of “original works of authorship,” to include literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, and certain other intellectual works. As a visual artist I retain copyrights to my work.

I think of the family style bedroom setting at my studio as a blank white canvas. I believe that lighter tones work best so that the focus is on faces, expressions, and connection. Neutral solids such as white, ivory, cream, gray, or soft pastel colors are good choices. Avoid patterns and anything with a logo or graphic on it as that draws attention away from your little one. For little ones under the age of two, I have a perfect selection of attire options at the studio. Bringing options can be helpful if you are unsure, we can review your options and decide when you arrive.