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Twinkle in her eye

Whether she is smiley or serious, that twinkle in her eye is always there. All I wanted to do was keep trying to make her smile because once she did, it gave my eyes a little twinkle too!

Making the holidays bright

This year’s Little Ones by Laura Holiday Event was a ton of fun yet again. Each year I’ve done these has made my holidays brighter, because I’ve gotten to see your families again and again. Thank you so much to all the families and amazing littles that participated! <3


Sleep little love

When they came in for a family session with their baby girl and two older brothers, she stayed sound asleep the entire time. That’s ok, sleep little love. Your brothers are happy to steal the spotlight for just a bit longer.


THIS was my favorite – first the sweet family photo, then I said, “okay, everyone cry like a baby” LOVE IT!


As a little brother you watch everything your big brother does so that one day when you are big like he, you can be just like him. He’s well on his way, but we’ll let him be little for awhile longer 🙂

Hands and toes

When you are nine months old you are pretty self-entertained by two very important things – hands and toes. Hands are always in their mouth helping ease teething and toes, well, toes are just fun to play with and wiggle around. Those chubby fingers with dimples and toes that are so cute you have to restrain yourself from tickling them…how can anyone be this cute?