I’m a happiness seeker with a knack for documenting the big picture all the way down to the details. On any given day you’ll find a nearly-finished-off bag of pistachios, an empty Starbucks mug, and a random drawing from my daughter on my desk. For many years as a graphic designer, I created visuals that represented an idea. Now I create visuals through narrative photography, the kind that you want to share again and again. Soaked in love imagery that makes you feel truly connected.

An easy answer to “why I do what I do” is that I’ve always loved photography, which is true, but the open-hearted why is centered around having pushed through a difficult time in my life, which changed everything. Life became more precious, time more limited, connections to people more important. Those experiences came to define who I am. I imagine you have people in your life that have affected you in the little ways and the profound ways that people do. Below are those that made me who I am and the reasons I do what I do.

I’m also the photographer behind Add to Heart Photography, specializing in maternity and newborns at my studio in Old Town Silverdale. Over the years I’ve celebrated so much life through photography and created Little Ones by Laura just for my portrait film sessions.