A surprise

When these two adorable little ones arrived at my studio we had pre-planned a surprise…they were about to have a feather pillow fight. They put on their pajamas and began to jump and play – childhood fun at it’s best. Then we tossed in the feather pillows and let them have at it. A bit surprised at first, they shook the pillows to get more feathers to fly out. Then the surprise was on us, as the little guy became fearful of the feathers. Isn’t that just how things go? It was sad to see him upset over feathers of all things, but it definitely made it a unique session. While he chose to stay clear of the feathers, we continued the feather fun with his big sister who’s personality shined as brightly as her smile!

Little Ones by Laura + Silverdale Photography & Portrait Films Little Ones by Laura + Photography & Portrait Films Fun Candid Portrait Film Session gray-bumpy-linelike little ones by laura on Facebook

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    05.31.2014 at 5:35 pm

    Laura!!! This session is so adorable! Love it!

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    06.19.2014 at 3:04 pm

    how gorgeous! I love this session.

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