Beautiful lifestyle imagery combined with a
unique video resulting in a memorable photo session.


Under 12 Days

  • You have just welcomed this little one into the world and it’s an incredible opportunity to capture the tiny and new of this time.


Up to 12 Months

  • Milestones such as smiling, pushing up onto their tummy, sitting up on their own, and starting to crawl are perfect to share with a portrait film.


1 - 3 Years

  • They grow leaps and bounds in their first two years. Your session is a time to enjoy together and play to create moments that lasts a lifetime.

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Memories that move you.

During their first two years your little one is a whirlwind of growth and change. From a tiny baby to a talking toddler. Portrait films capture details, emotion, and connection. Celebrate their new life, a development milestone, or simply time playing together; a portrait film is something you will cherish, as will they.

A session with Little Ones by Laura is different than a typical portrait session with a photographer in that this session focuses on creating a portrait film and capturing still shots secondary. A portrait film is a series of video clips filmed during a portrait session and edited together to create a short film/video. It is different from “fusion videos” because it consists mainly of video footage whereas a fusion video incorporates still photos, sometimes even consisting only of photographs. Please connect with me if you would love to have a portrait film of your very own.

  • I love the images but the portrait film just takes it to a whole new level. I have watched my video more times than I could possibly count and have the biggest smile on my face the whole time. Also if I am having a bad day and i’m in a bad mood I can watch this video and it immediately cheers me up! I am so grateful to be able to have the opportunity to have this which shows her wonderful personality.


  • We LOVE the images and the video. I really feel like you “got” exactly what I was trying to describe and the execution couldn’t have been better. We all love watching the video (the kids, too!) and especially having all the little details recorded that we may forget…it will only get more precious to us as the years go on and these days get fuzzier in our memories. The still pictures are beautiful as well, and really capture the love we all have for each other. Really, I can’t say enough about the results. There aren’t enough words.


  • I’ve watched our video countless times! It was just so exciting to see my baby in such a perfect, natural setting doing all his cute baby things. I’m so thankful that such a innocent time of his life was captured in such an emotional video. I’m happy to know I can relive that moment for years and years to come. I will cherish this video forever.



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Beautiful lifestyle imagery combined with a unique video resulting in a fun and memorable photo session. Just fill out the form aside or contact us via the details below.

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